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As an Independent Driving School we currently give Manual driving lessons and Automatic Driving Lessons. Intensive driving lessons also known as Crash Courses are also available.

Here are some testimonials from pupils who have passed their Driving Test with us.

Tom Had driving lessons in Dukinfield

We contacted Mitchell's driving school before my birthday to put me on the waiting list for when i was 17.  I got my first driving lessons just after. I'm so glad I got Mark as he is so knowledgeable.  He structured the lessons well and kept everything going. Never late or missing a lesson.  He will work through everything and more if you want or need him to.

I know that I will be a good and confident driver with everything he taught me.



Iana Had driving lessons in Dukinfield, Tameside.

Iana had lessons with driving instructor Pauline in Dukinfield. I wanted to learn to drive to be more independent for myself as I do a lot of theatrical work and I have to rely on my Mum and Dad to give me lifts. I was so happy when I passed my test and now I don't have to rely on my Mum and Dad to take and pick me up from rehearsals.

Megan Had driving lessons in Tameside.

Megan from Glossop passed first time.
I have learnt to drive with Zoe over the last few months. I was very pleased when I passed my driving test for the first time! 
On my lessons Zoe was very friendly and calm which kept me at ease whilst I was driving. Whenever I made a mistake she supported me and remained calm which then helped me gain more confidence and improve. 
Overall I found that my experience was rewarding and I would recommend Zoe to my peers.

Olivia Had driving lessons in Tameside.

Olivia from Dukinfield passed first time.
I started taking lessons with Mark but when he went working in Iraq, Pauline covered my lessons for him. I then stayed with Pauline as I felt comfortable with her car and thought she was also a good Instructor. I am so pleased I passed first time and would recommend Mitchells for driving lessons.

Hayley had driving lessons in Tameside.

Hayley from Hyde passed first time with a faultless drive.
I wanted to do automatic driving lessons and when I looked round Mitchell’s seemed very good. I phoned Mark and straight away I knew I had made the right choice. Mark is a great instructor and was great fun to learn with. I got a little nervous the week before my test but Mark reassured me I would do great as I had done 3 mock tests with him. I didn’t think I would do this good though, passing first time with no faults.

Danny from Newton, Tameside Passed first time.

Rebecca had driving lessons in Tameside.

Rebecca from Droylsden, Tameside passed her driving test first time.
I chose Mitchell's because they taught my fiancé and he passed first time and I'm really chuffed to have passed first time as well. The week before my test I really started to panic that I wasn't good enough but Andy calmed me down and was very reassuring and made me really believe I was good enough to pass. He's very calm and very patient.

Alice had driving lessons in Tameside.

Alice from Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside passed her driving test first time.
I wanted to take lessons soon as I was 17 and found Mitchell's on the internet. I started my lessons and my aim was to pass before I went to University. It took me a bit longer to complete as I had exams at college and had to do my theory. I couldn't get a test before starting University so I booked it for when I came home at Christmas and passed so it was a good start to 2014. I would definately recommend Mitchell's as a driving school and Pauline as an instructor.

Kelsey from Denton.

I had lessons with Pauline and found her so relaxed and flexible with my lessons,whatever my lesson plan was Pauline always managed to fit the lessons in with the areas I needed to be picked up from. I would recommend Mitchells and Pauline as an instructor.

Tracey from Glossop passed her driving test first time.

I am so pleased that I chose Zoe to be my driving instructor. I started my lessons in March, having never driven before and passed my test on 29th July and this was all down to Zoe. Patient and encouraging always, she gave me the confidence to go for it! I sing her praises to everyone! Thanks Zoe!

Alicia from Mossley passed first time.

I wanted to start driving lessons on my 17th birthday and was recommended to Pauline as my instructor. Whilst I was learning to drive Pauline would help me with my theory as well, as I found this a bit difficult to pass. Now I've passed my test I don't have to rely on my mum all the time giving me lifts. Thank you Pauline!!

Caerys from Stalybridge.

My Sister passed with Mark a few years ago, and she's a great driver. I had no hesitation to book with Mark when it was my birthday and time to start driving. I was very nervous to begin with but Mark made me at ease from the start and made the lessons fun as well as structured. He always wanted to know how I felt and if everything we were doing was ok and if I felt confident before progressing to the next topic. I feel I will defiantly be a safe a driver when out on my own.

Beverley from Dukinfield, Tameside passed her driving test first time.

After contacting Mitchell's driving school about taking lessons, I decided that I was going to go with them, they put me in touch with Zoe. It was one of the best decisions I have made, Zoe made me feel very comfortable with her, I felt that we became quite good friends. She is a very patient instructor, and never once made me feel incompetent, she really boosted my confidence and for that I thank her very much. 
I will definitely recommend her to anyone who wishes to take driving lessons, because of her faith in me as an instructor, which she is extremely good at, I have passed my driving test 1st time.

Vicky from Offerton, Stockport had automatic driving lessons.

Kath from Cale Green, Stockport had automatic driving lessons.

I have been learning to drive on and off since it was 17. but I would lose confidence and give up. 
At the age of 43 I finally built up the courage and rang Mitchells. 
Although very doubtful and nervous Pam reassured me straight away, and booked my first lesson with Mark. 
Driving, especially reversing has never come natural to me and although I had no confidence in my ability, Marks confidence in me never wavered. 
After many lessons and lots of my tantrums I put in for my first test which I failed due to nerves and general lack of confidence, Mark instantly encouraged me to try again. 
2 weeks later I finally passed my driving test mainly due to Marks constant perseverance. 
Mark is the most patient, understanding driving instructor I've ever met. He is always professional and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of learning to driving and reading the road. Mark is so much more than a driving instructor he's a really good friend. 
Without Mark and Pam my long term dream of driving a car would never of happened and the whole experience has been wonderful. 
Thank you both so much x

Oliver from Stalybridge passed his driving test first time.

Oliver from Stalybridge frist started his lesson's in a manual car when he was seventeen, now in his twenty's he decided to drive again but in an automatic car. He had struggled with the gear's so did'nt want to go through that again. Oliver had only 15 lesson's before going for his test at Hyde, which he pass on his first attempt. Well done oliver.

Lulu from Hyde passed her test first time.

When I started lessons with Pauline I had to get used to 3 different cars has she had hers stolen. That didn't make no difference though as it just got me used to driving any car for when I get mine. Now I've passed my test and can drive any car. I would recommend Pauline and Mitchell's to teach people to drive.

Aiden from Dukinfield passed first time.

I had lessons previously and then stopped. I needed to get my test done as I have a little boy and I had to rely on my mum and dad to run us around everywhere. Passing my test as given me so much freedom now I don't have to keep relying on people. Thank you Mitchell's and Pauline for getting me through my test.

Alex from Dukinfield passed first time.

I passed my theory and decided to get my driving done as I was sick off getting wet through on my motorbike. I got in touch with Pauline and she did an assessment drive,she told me where my driving needed work and we corrected things and here I am test passed and motorbike ready to be traded in for a car. 

Portia had driving lessons in Ashton.

Portia from Ashton is a carer & works a large area. Her husband was not happy as he would have to sometimes pick her up from her evening shift which would be at time's 11 pm. So Portia booked some lesson's in the automatic car, she found it very easy to get the hang off & Before long She went in for a test at Hyde. As can be seen by the photo Portia passed & her husband is very very happy.

Laura from Newton passed first time after a fast pass course

Ryan from Mossley passed first time

I chose to do a fast pass course with Mitchells as I'm a teacher and wanted to do it all through the summer holidays. Andy called me and arranged an assessment lesson to determine how many hours I would need. As I had no driving experience we booked a 30 Hour course during the six weeks I was on holiday. Andy took care of all the bookings for my test and the lessons were booked in at regular intervals so I was driving very often. I had some issues with setting off smoothly and would often stall the car, Andy immediately picked up that I was trying to set off too quickly and trying to keep up with the traffic ahead of me, he quickly explained that the important thing was to set off first time no matter how long it took and the more time I spent concentrating setting off first time that it would naturally become a quicker smoother process and that helped me relax more at traffic lights and it soon resolved itself.

Russell from Ashton-U-Lyne passed first time

I must say it was easy learning to drive with Andy and I got to my test really quickly, his instructions were very clear and easy to understand and other than needed a little help with the speed I came to junctions which was a bit too fast it was a great experience made easy by Andy. With the little help I did need with my speed Andy very quickly taught me the importance of approaching junctions at a safe speed and how best to use the breaks to ensure a smooth approach to corners.

Rajan from Ashton passed first time

I need to thank Andy for sticking with me and my lessons, I was quite unreliable and regularly changed or cancelled my lessons as well as having quite large breaks from them as well but Andy was always happy to restart my lessons when I contacted him again. Towards my test I was having problems keeping the car slow when manoeuvring and would often miss my turning points by going past them too fast. Andy was very patient with me and really helped me with my clutch control and explained why this was happening. I'm well pleased to pass first time. Thanks for all your help Andy

Abas had driving lessons in Ashton -Under-Lyne

Abas came to Ashton from london to do his test with Mitchells. This sound's quite extreem, however his brother live's in Ashton and Abas came for a visit. Has he would be her for around three week's he decided to try and obtain a full licence before going back to london. Abas had tried to pass his test while he was down south by had no luck with it, it was his brother's idea for him to contact us to see if we could help. And help we did, Abas passed his test at Hyde on his first attempt with us. Well done.

Mini had driving lessons in Glossop

Mini, a nurse from Glossop moved into the area to take job at the local hospital. Before coming to Mitchells driving school Mini had tried a driving test, she told Bodie it had not gone well as the examinar stopped the test & walked back to the test center. However, with proper guidance from a Mitchells instructor Mini booked a test at Hyde and passed her test without a problem on her first attempt with us. Well done Mini.

Adam from Ashton passed first time

Adam from Ashton came to mitchell's driving school after his aunty and uncle boath passed with Bodie. Adam had around eighteen lesson before booking his test at Hyde. He passed on his first attempt with only a few driver faults,well done Adam.

Matt Barrett from Stalybridge passed first time

I need to thank Andy for sticking with me during my lessons, I stopped and started my lessons about 3 times and wasn't the most reliable and often cancelled but Andy was always happy to keep teaching me. I enjoyed driving and sometimes was a little too confident and quite often would drive to fast or brake late for junctions. Andy was always on the ball and corrected me immediately as well as teaching me the importance of safe driving.

Nicola Bennett from Ashton passed first time

Thank you to Andy for helping me learn to drive, it was really important to me to get my license so I could help drive my family around and also take my son for days out. My lessons were very relaxed and Andy always helped me when I was struggling. My steering was something that I tended to struggle with and I didn't always keep my hands on the wheel but Andy worked very hard to help me break the bad habit.

Amanda Thomson from Newton passed first time

After leaving it 14 years from first having driving lessons, being at test standard but not sitting my test, I had lost all my confidence and didn't know where to start. I eventually plucked up the courage to contact Mitchells school of motoring who listened to my story and said they knew exactly who the perfect instructor was for me, Zoe. In two months she has built my confidence and got me back to test standard and got me through my test. Thank you Zoe this will change mine and my families lives.

Lee from Stalybridge passed first time

Lee from Stalybridge, work's as a security officer. This kind of job involve's moving around from one site to another & if you dont have your own transport it can mean missing out on job's. This is why lee got in touch with Mitchell's to see if we could help him get his driving licence, & help we did. Lee passed his test at Hyde first time with only 2 driver error's. Well done.

Natasha Costello from Stalybridge passed first time

I enjoyed learning to drive although I had to take quite a big gap in my lessons as I injured my back and couldn't drive for 3 months. When I restarted Andy was very patient with me while I settled back into my lessons and my back was uncomfortable throughout the remainder of my lessons and Andy helped me with seating positions to help me cope better. I was very panicky about taking my test but Andy always reassured me that I was good enough to pass and I'm very grateful for all his hard work.

Kelly had driving lessons in Hattersley

Kelly from Hattersley passed her test in Hyde. She wanted to learn when she was seventeen but never did. Now in her thirty's & with childern she need transport of her own and not have to catch the bus everywhere. Well done Kelly you now have your licence, all you need now is a car .

Carl had driving lessons in Dukinfield

When I started learning to drive I would often make the silliest of mistakes. Mark would just go through it again with me to make sure I had the understanding and then we practiced. I always thought my reversing was never perfect, but as Mark explained it doesn't have to be, as long as I went slow enough to make any corrections, which I had to do on the parallel park on the driving test, and still passed with just 4 driving faults.

Charlotte from Hazel Grove Passed First time.

I tried for a while to drive but it never seemed to suit me. I then called MItchell's to have a try at automatic lessons. I couldn't believe the difference Mark made. He was a realy good instructor and I felt I learned more in 2 weeks than I did in 2 years with the other instructors. He gave realy good feedback and helped me in my weaker areas. I was never very good at reversing and the way mark showed me made a lot of sense. I was able to do the parrell park after only 2 goes as he made it that easy. I wanted to pass before i started university and easly made it passing first time.

Steven had driving lessons in Audenshaw.

I had just failed my test in failsworth with a different driving school and I managed to get a cancellation at Hyde but my instructor wouldn't go to Hyde so I got Andy's number of a mate who passed with him this year. Andy said he would take me on at short notice and even worked his days off so I could have some lessons and get used to his car. He said I wasn't doing enough work checking my mirrors and he spent a lot of time working with me in different ways such as prompting me verbally to think about what I was doing approaching junctions and what checks I had to do.

Salihan had driving lessons in Hyde

I worried about driving as don't speak much English. Andy very patient calm person and helped very much to make me understand controls of car which I found hard to understand when I started lessons. Andy always had different ways of teaching to help me get better as sometimes needed more help with English Andy explained things different way

Ismaeel had driving lessons in Stalybridge

It was great learning to drive and I really enjoyed my lessons with Andy, they were always calm and relaxed and when I struggled Andy always had a solution. I often manouevered the car to quickly when reversing and Andy focused me on my clutch control and the movement of my left foot until I managed to gain better understanding and eventually the control was no problem.

John had automatic driving lessons in Hyde.

John from Hyde had lesson's in the Automatic car. John was in no rush to pass as he worked only five minute's from his house and he did'nt need a car to get anywhere as the train station is so close to where he lives. John passed his test at Hyde on his second attempt and has also done the pass plus course. Well done John.

Andrew from Dukinfield passed his test first time.

I only started having lessons with Andy last week when I found out my instructor couldn't take me for my test. I was very grateful Andy took me on at short notice with my test only 5 days away. He very quickly got me settled with his car and helped me control my nerves with changing cars at the last minute. I was made to feel very confident going for my test.

Ryan from Dukinfield passed his test first time.

I was recommended to Pauline by my girlfriends grandma as her neighbour had just passed her driving test with Pauline. Here I am now after 30hrs and it is all thanks to Pauline as I couldn't have done it without her patient and friendly manner. Now I can look out for my old mark 2 escort which I have always dreamt of having.

Melissa had driving lessons in Carrbrook.

I had wanted to past my driving test for a while, I was so excited when it finally happened. I appreciate all the help and support Zoe gave me, I was at first nervous but with Zoe's calm approach and informative feedback I overcome this. I would like to thank Zoe for all help and most of all her patience with me. I would recommend Zoe to anyone who needs support with confidence issues with being on the road and found her to be a calming influence.

Deborah from Glossop passed first time

Deborah passed her test first time with only three faults. Deborah wanted the independance that driving gives you so that she could take her children out when ever she wanted instead of relying on others, well done Deborah.

Claire from Godley passed first time

I wanted to learn to drive so my partner got in touch with Pauline and booked some lessons for me. He thought I would have given up after a few lessons but I didn't!! Being one of 9 children I am the first to take lessons and pass my test this has been my dream and it has opened so many doors for me. I would like to thank Pauline for teaching me and Mitchell's for giving me a brilliant Instructor.

Philip from Chadderton passed first time

I called Mitchell's to arrange a fast pass course because my theory was due to expire in a month. Andy came out and assessed my driving to find out how many hours I needed for my course. I was shocked when he said he could have me ready in 10 hours as I expected it to be a lot more. The lesson were great and Andy told me I had very good driving skills but I was to fast on the manoeuvres so we spent a lot of time practising the control of the car so I could manoeuvre more effectively which really worked and I passed my test 2 days before my theory expired.

Peter from Stalybridge passed first time.

Me and my sister have now passed first time with Andy. Me lessons went very well but on the day of my test panic set in and I completely forgot how to do my corner reversing, with my test only an hour away Andy was a great help in calming me down and helping me to relax and we practised the corner reversing and I went on to pass which was an amazing feeling.

Adam from Failsworth passed first time.

I was desperate to drive to have a better chance of getting a job so I decided to do a fast pass course and pass in a month. The instruction from andy was very easy to follow and I was very well prepared for my test.

Muhammad had driving lessons in Hyde.

It was really important for me to pass my test so I could get a job. Thank you Andy for all your help it was very good.

Natalie had driving lessons in Hyde.

I'm well excited to have passed my test especially as I already have a car. Andy was very patient with me throughout my lessons and helped build my confidence to finally pass my test. Now I have all the freedom I wanted.

Sarfraz from Ashton did a taxi test.

Sarfraz from Ashton passed his driving test with Mitchells around three year's ago. He came back to us to help him pass his Taxi test, which he took at Hyde. As can be seen by the photo Sarfraz was very happy man as he passed without a problem. Well done & good luck in your new job.

Eric from Dukinfield passed his driving test first time.

Had a great time learning with Andy, I got to my test in only 20 lessons and he was happy to pick me up from work, college or home.

Heather from Stalybridge passed her driving test first time.

Heather from Stalybridge phoned to arrange a course of lesson's in the Automatic car. She needed to pass quickly as a promotion had come up at her work place, however as this would involve having to travel around a driving licence was required. Heather had around twenty hours of tution before going in for the test. Heather passed first time with only a couple of driving faults. Well done & good luck in your new roll at work Heather.

Jack had Driving Lessons in Dukinfield.

Jack from Dukinfield had around twenty six lesson's before going in for his driving test. He took the test in Hyde. Jack passed on his second atempt with only a few error's. He is very happy as it's coming up to summer & he has the option to get a car.Well done jack.

Rebecca had Driving Lessons in Heaton Mersey.

I was really eager to start driving as my bus journey to college was over an hour and now it's just 15 minutes. At first I wasn't very confident, but Zoe helped me believe in myself more and more. She helped me through this by being very patient with me and understood which parts I was struggling to get the hang of. Overall I really enjoyed my experience of learning to drive and I would 100% recommend Zoe to anyone.

Zach had Driving Lessons in Stalybridge.

My Brother had lessons with Pauline and passed 1st time so he recommended Pauline to me. The pressure was on to beat him with less faults and pass first time. Unfortunately that didn't happen as I passed second time with 2 Driving Faults, although I still had less faults than him with 2 tests so I still beat him!!. My Girlfriend wants to learn to drive so I will definately be recommending Mitchells and Pauline as her Instructor.

Kausar had driving lessons in Ashton-under-Lyne.

I had to pass my test as my children are at 2 different schools, so me and my husband have to split the school run. Having passed my test now will be so much easier for us both now and school holiday's won't be as stressful, as I will be able to take them out for day trips.My daughter wants to learn to drive now so I will definately be recommending Pauline to her.

Uma had Automatic driving lessons in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

I wanted to learn to drive however didn't want to learn manual so decided to do Autumatic lessons. I thought I was too old to learn to drive but as Pauline says "you are never too old to do anything. life is all about learning" and she is right. My driving has opened so many doors now and I will never have to rely on my husband again to take me places. I was so pleased when I passed as it was my 25th Wedding Anniversary so it was a double celebration. Pauline always told me that I could do it, I just had to believe it myself.

Samantha from Disley passed first time.

Samantha had previously started while being pregnant and had a short time off after having had her son. She soon got behind the wheel again and it wasn't long before she passed her test first time, giving her the independance she wanted to get out and about with her son. Well done Samantha.

Kayleigh passed first time with a faultless drive.

My Dad put me in touch with Mark when I was asking about driving lessons. I couldn't have picked a better instructor. Mark was patient and very good at explaining things. I was always worried about tests and Mark even threatened to stop teaching me unless I did my theory and booked my practical test. I was always asking if I was ready. I'm so glad I got the push I needed and to pass first time with no faults is brilliant. Thanks Mark.

Rafia had driving lessons in Oldham.

Finally I have passed, I never thought I would do it after so long and so many attempts. I started to lose faith with it but Andy always kept me positive and pushed me through it and I'm so happy that I've done it.

Jamie from Ashton passed first time.

Well happy to pass first time and in only 22 lessons as well. Andy's teaching was so easy to follow and I picked it up really quickly. I thought it would have taken me a lot longer. Thanks Andy.

Charline had driving lessons in Droylsden.

Learning to drive with andy was great. He made me feel so relaxed and always reassured me I was a good driver and knew exactly how to build my confidence. He also worked on his days off for me when I had other commitments.

Mathew had driving lessons in Audenshaw.

I needed to drive to apply for more jobs, I asked andy to get me through my test as quickly as possible which he did while also making sure I knew everything needed to be a safe driver.

Bhavin had driving lessons in Stalybridge.

Thank you very much Julian. He was simply great, a life saver. When I was left alone by my last instructor, he came to my rescue and boy did he. I would have failed my driving test. Julian help me get it passed within 3 days. Great attention to details and very good at getting then corrected. Very friendly, punctual and a great tutor. Thank you very much for all your help.

Emma from Charlsworth passed first time

Before starting my lessons with Zoe I was extremely nervous, but she soon made me feel at ease. Zoe is a fantastic, friendly driving instructor and I would definitely recommend her for driving lessons. Zoe helped me pass my driving test first time, and I am very, very grateful.

Annette from Hollinwood passed first time.

From my very first lesson Bodie has been calm and relaxed, enthusiastic and motivational. Being very nervous and one to give up quite quickly when I can’t get things perfect straight away, Bodie was the perfect instructor for me. He made me feel at ease and put up with my ‘huffing and puffing’ when things weren't going as well as I’d have liked and I know that I would have given up a long time if it wasn't for Bodie being there to encourage me.

Ryan from Dukinfield passsed first time

I was recomended to Mark from my brother. Mark turned out to be great. I was driving in no time and it felt easy. I was very nervous for my test as my brother passed first time and I wanted to do the same. Mark kept telling me to calm down and do what I normally did on lessons with him and I would be fine. It turned out he was right and passing first time was great.

Samantha from Glossop passsed first time

Samantha Mcmeekin from Glossop, wanted to pass her test quickly. I used to be so nervous about learning to drive feeling sick at the very thought of going behind the wheel of a car but thanks to Zoe's endless patience and calm relaxing nature it wasn't long before I became a confident behind a wheel and passed my test with flying colours, thank you Zoe.

Sam from Droylsden passed first time.

When I first started my lessons I was expecting it to cost quite a lot, I thought I would need 30 or 40 lessons so I'm really pleased to have passed first time in only 21 lessons. Andy made learning very easy and understandable and definitely very affordable.

Richard from Springhead, Oldham passed first time.

Richard phoned Mitchells to arrange lesson's in an automatic car. Bodie, was given the task of taking Richard out to see how many lesson's were required. Afrter around fifteen hour's Richard was ready for his test, he had previously taken lesson's when he was younger & remembered most of what he had been shown. Richard pass first time with only one driver fault, well done.

Alison from Stalybridge passed her driving test first time.

I had a goal of passing my test before I was 40 and Mark helped me achieve that. I didn't have a great deal of confidence but it built through Mark's teaching approach which was friendly, informal yet informative with lots of praise (and the occasional telling off, which I needed!). I am so pleased that I have passed.

Jake passed his test first time

I started Driving lessons on my 17th Birthday with Mitchells and Pauline as my Instructor. I had my own car so in between lessons I would go out and practice what Pauline had taught me in my lessons also reading the handouts helped which Pauline provided, my weakest point was my mirrrors so every time my mum or dad came out with me they kept on at me about checking my mirros. When I passed my test I was over the moon and glad I passed first time.

I would recommend Pauline as an Instructor and Mitchells as a Driving School.

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