Driving Courses | Our lessons and courses are designed for the individual

Mitchells driving school offers a wide and varied range of driving lessons for everyone. 

Covering Tameside, Stockport, Oldham And Manchester.

Whether you are after weekly lessons with Manual or Automatic cars or Fast Pass and Intensive Driving Courses. We're sure to have something that will suit you.

At Mitchells we use our own special driving log books. This way when you have a lesson we can record your progress enabling you to progress to the next levels of driving more quickly and effectively. 

We won't rush you on to the next level of driving until you are confident and happy in what you are doing. Again we won't sit you at the side of the road trying to save petrol. 

Everything we do is designed around you and how you learn. The speed at which you progress is dependent on how you learn and how confident you are.

It does not have to stop when you have passed the driving test either. We can tailor a course of motorway or country road lessons for you and also offer the pass plus course.

We also give advanced driving lessons to either IAM or RoSPA standard, and can show you how to save fuel with our environmental driving courses

If you have ever thought of becoming a driving instructor we can also offer a course and advice on how to do this from our DSA ORDIT Registered Instructor.

Please check out the links below for a full overview of the courses we offer


As an important part of your learning, the lessons always have a friendly and informal atmosphere. It’s always much easier to learn if you’re enjoying the experience.Manual driving lessons are the most popular type of driving lessons. We have a range of cars if you prefer a particular make, from Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Vauxhall Astra and Fiat Punto.The most common lessons are weekly 1 hour lessons although if you live a good distance from a test centre it may be more benificial to have 1½ or 2 hour lessons.

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Automatic driving lessons may be appropriate as not everyone can cope with "gears". We recognise that due to circumstances or needs many people would prefer an option regarding taking driving lessons.The big advantage of an automatic is that there's no clutch pedal. That means you won't have to worry about stalling, crashing your gears, or finding the bite point. You can concentrate on the road while your car's automatic gearbox sorts out the gear changes for you.

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Fast Pass

All our intensive driving lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs. Everything is arranged around you and your requirements. 1 hour per day to 6 hours per day. This can also be from 2 or 3 times a week to everyday.We can also provide weekend courses although these are limited. Driving test slots are not always available on a weekend.

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Pass Plus

Still buzzing from passing your driving test? Well, let us make you feel even better and SAVE YOU SOME MONEY at the same time. Thousands of new drivers like yourself are benefitting from the Pass Plus system which not only provides you with help for your first trip down a motorway or country road. It will make those journeys less expensive as well.

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Driving Test Course

This course is not for people who cannot learn on the go. We will not sit you at the side of the road trying to teach new skills. It is designed to give people that final push to pass a driving test. We work around your existing skills, rather than trying to change them.We are not trying to teach you anything extra or new, but showing you what the examiner is looking for within the test.The course can be from 3 to 7 pre-test hour lessons. The idea is the lessons are immediately prior to your driving test.

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Refresher & Motorway Courses

Have you ever felt nervous or scared of motorways? Not driven in a while and need a confidence booster?Mitchells driving school can helpWe have a variety of courses to get you going and to give you that all important confidence.With our refresher courses we would work on the parts of your drive that you feel you would benefit from most. It could be roundabouts for example.

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Advanced Driving

Have you always considered yourself to be that great driver? How do you prove it? With our advanced driving courses now you can.With our IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) or RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) trained driving instructors we can put you on the correct road to being that advanced driver and having the certificate to prove it.Our Instructors are either IAM qualified or RoSPA gold advanced drivers. They know what they are talking about and can show you how to prepare for that all important advanced driving test, and being that safer driver.There’s every chance you’ll get cheaper driving insurance too, which with today’s insurance prices that’s a bonus in itself.

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