As an independent driving school we fit driving lessons around your timetable, and our driving instructors will only progress at a speed which feels most comfortable.

In doing so it will enable you to pick up the skill set which will ensure you become a competent driver who is more than capable of passing their tests.

Each lesson will be followed by feedback through the use of progress sheets, which in addition to tracking progress over time will also provide hints to mull over for your next and future lessons.

Tuition is of a high standard and is offered on a very competitive scale, whilst we also cater for Block Booking and offer Student Discounts. Also keep an eye out for Special Offers.

Whether you are an experienced driver or have no prior knowledge, want to learn over time or quickly in the form of a crash course, require a manual or automatic car or want to undertake the pass plus scheme for newly qualified drivers. Get in touch today, we are on hand and eagerly awaiting your call.

Driving Lessons are run out of any of the following: Austerlands, Blackley, Busk, Butler Green, Chadderton, Crossbank, Delph, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Grasscroft, Greenacres, Greenfield, Grotton, Hathershaw, Hollinwood, Lees, Limeside, Lydgate, Moorhey, Moorside, Moston, Mumps, Nimble Nook, Royton, Shaw, Springhead, Uppermill, White Gate, Woodhouses and Failsworth which is where your test will be taken.


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